5th International Conference on Pathological Gambling and Behavioral Addictions

The Polish Foundation for Humanitarian Aid “Res Humanae” and the National Bureau for Drug Prevention are pleased to invite you to the:

The conference is addressed to experts working in the field of behavioural addictions: prevention, therapy, research and policy framework on different levels. The problem of behavioural addictions is getting more attention worldwide and the number of diagnosed addictions related to modern technologies or gaming has been growing especially fast over the last decade. Therefore, we continue the debate from national and global perspective and to exchange knowledge about new research, guidelines and therapy and prevention approaches implemented on national and international level. We need to keep sharing our best practices and comparing evidence-based solutions about behavioral addictions problem within communities, countries and regions, so we can make the best of the experience of other colleagues, face the challenges and support the most vulnerable to the problem.

If you wish to make a speech on the field of your expertise in one of the selected aspects of behavioural addictions, please, send presentation proposal before September 10th. Below, you will find presentation proposal form which shall be sent to: reshumanae@reshumanae.org.pl

Draft programme

Presentation proposal

Conference will be held in Polish and English. For the participants who are selected by the Conference Scientific Board as speakers, we cover the registration fee and two nights in Novotel Hotel (conference venue), ul. Marszalkowska 94/98, Warsaw.

The conference is co-financed by the Polish Gambling Problem Solving Fund.

We look forward to welcoming you in Warsaw.